Services We Offer


How do we deliver superior performance?

We combine business fundamentals and technical understanding of Ad Platforms to drive results, leveraging our platform ScaleX AI

Growth Bidder : Take media decisions based on net revenue (excluding returns), profit margins , customer quality, and not just revenue

Ad Infinity: Improve ROI by generating 40-50 ad variations for every product to optimize experience and performance on ad platforms. Deploy and Optimize them through AI

Contextalytics: Understand and leverage the business events that impact your paid performance for robust planning and higher performance

Custom Tech: Even with a robust set of tools, we go the extra mile to build a custom tech for your business to deliver performance

Accomplished team: We only hire digital marketers with a proven record of delivering strong growth for businesses.

Case Studies

  • For a large US based designer shoe retailer, revenue increased by 3X and ROAS to 4X in 4 months.
  • For a premium real estate brand,
    • Scaled budget and revenue from digital channels by 12X, at the same cost per acquisition. 
    • Despite Covid, company registered it highest ever sales when industry declined by 20-30%
  • For a large US designer bags retailer, scaled revenue to 2X at the same cost of acquisition in 3 months
  • Personalization campaign for a leading international school. Creatives were personalized for all key localities in Bangalore. Time and travel time computation with Real time integration with Google Maps.