Digital Mozarts App

Our product aims to provide users with a centralized platform for data storage, analysis, and reporting.

Benefit to Users

  • Cross-Platform Data Aggregation – Our warehouse system can collect and consolidate data from various sources. This allows users to view their advertising performance alongside other key metric. The comprehensive overview enables users to identify correlations and make data-driven decisions.
  • Real-Time Alerts – Integrating Google Ads data enables us to provide real-time alerts to users based on specific performance thresholds. For instance, if any metric drops below a predefined level, the system can trigger an alert. This proactive approach empowers users to respond swiftly to changes in their strategy.
  • Campaign Performance Reports – Our product can generate detailed reports that combine Google Ads data with other metrics. This holistic view allows users to understand how advertising efforts align with overall business goals. For example, the system can generate a report showcasing the correlation between increased ad spending and a rise in website traffic.

Why do we request user data?

  • We request user data to fetch campaign data of ad accounts. Based on data trends of campaign performance, our app will send performance summaries and alerts to users. The users will benefit as our app will reduce media spend leakage with more robust and smarter monitoring, thereby improving campaign performance.

Digital Mozarts App is designed to comply with Google’s Limited Use requirements and the Google API Services User Data Policy.

For more details refer to the privacy policy.